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The cost of bathroom cleaning services varies typically depending on the tasks included in the services and the area you live in. In most cases, bathroom cleaning services are included in housekeeping service packages. But if you don’t invest in housekeeping services and hire bathroom cleaning services separately, you may expect to pay from $ 65 to $ 85

Bathroom Cleaning Service Cost  per visit per bathroom.

In general, bathroom cleaning professionals clean the bathroom from top to bottom. They remove cobwebs from bathroom corners and wash or vacuum bathroom floors. Professionals also clean dirt and germs from toilet paper holders, towel racks, windowsills, doors and doorframes, baseboards, and cabinet fronts.

Professional bathroom cleaning services include –

  • Rinsing and scrubbing showers and sinks
  • Cleaning built-up soap scums
  • Scrubbing and disinfecting toilets both outside and inside
  • Dusting lights and fixtures
  • Wiping down mirrors and vanity
  • Washing stains of the walls

But if you have any issue in the drainage system, you have to hire other professionals or you may expect to pay extra charge if bathroom cleaning professional agrees to do additional works.

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